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mosAIC is an online platform for happenings on the ILTC/Community Care sector. Originally a print newsletter for seven years, mosAIC moved to Facebook permanently in May 2017 to provide readers with quicker, more interactive news on the sector. 

Find out more about programmes, best practices and resources that can help us provide quality care for our seniors to live well and age gracefully in the community.

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CareBytes is a quarterly e-newsletter jointly developed by AIC and ACCESS Health International, dedicated to featuring innovative tech products, IT solutions or other best practices that could help our Community Care partners improve their operational efficiency and service quality. 

Issue 1​

In this first issue, we discuss the benefits of adopting IT in the managing of Home Care services.​​​ Click here​ to read. ​

​The Home Care Information Kit serves as a resource guide for service providers who are keen to commence Home Care services in Singapore. The kit comprises three booklets: 

Booklet 1: Introduction to Singapore Healthcare 
Get an introduction to Singapore’s healthcare and the Community Care sector, from institutional care to home setting, in this booklet. It also outlines common demographic risks and challenges associated with Singapore’s healthcare, and action plans to address them. Click here​ to download Booklet 1. 

Booklet 2: Introduction to Home Care 
This booklet is a summary of home care services in Singapore. Topics include scope of the various home care services, manpower requirements, guidelines and process of setting up a home care business. Click here to download Booklet 2. 

Booklet 3: Types of Funding 
A summary of various financial assistance schemes available, the information in this booklet will help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in nurturing and growing their Home Care business at different stages. Click here​ to download the Booklet 3.

Hand In Hand Activity Guide 

Having a variety of engaging and purposeful activities catered to the interests and abilities of the participants is the heart of a meaningful day care programme. The Hand In Hand Activity Guide is developed as a resource for Community Care organisations that conduct social and recreational activities regularly for clients. It contains a collection of 30 fun activities, plus useful pointers for facilitators on making activities meaningful for clients, running groups effectively and possible activity modifications.

Click the links below to access the Guide
- Web Quality version
- Print Quality version (41.1MB)

​​The “Workplace Safety and Health Checklist for the Intermediate and Long-Term Care (ILTC) sectors” aids Community Care partners in assessing workplace safety and health in their residential facilities. It can be adapted to suit specific needs of different care facilities.​ 

​The checklist is prepared by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council as an addition to the “Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines – Healthcare”. 

​ If you are a Community Care organisation, you are strongly encouraged to utilise this checklist to assess workplace safety and health in your care facilities. Click here to download the checklist. 

Visit WSH Council​​ to find out more.

SPARK! Wellness Toolkit

This Toolkit features a selection of 20 art activities using a range of techniques that were designed by artists for the Community Care sector’s inaugural Arts Residency, a joint initiative by AIC and the National Arts Council.

Click here to access the toolkit.
Learn more about the AIC Wellness Programme here.

Building Enabled Communities Handbook 

Enabled Communities are communities in which residents are empowered to be resourceful, resolute and resilient. This handbook features short stories from Community Care organisations who have taken the initiative to reach out to and enable their communities. Developed together with six partnering Community Care organisations, the handbook includes a guiding framework as well as a number of useful resources to help organisations start on a similar journey. 

Click here to download.

A step-by-step guide to empower Community Partners and individuals to implement effective Caregiver Support Network

Click hereto access the toolkit.

Building Enabled Communities Handbook 

This Person-Centred Approach (PCA) in Care Transition Guide deep dives into how the PCA philosophy can be applied to the processes involved in transferring a client from the hospital to a nursing home for continued care, and thus making the transfer a more seamless and pleasant experience for the healthcare organisation and for the client and the family.

Click here to download.