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Please refer to Healthcare Opportunities for a list of AIC’s RFP.

To register as our supplier, please obtain a copy of the Supplier Registration Form from Source Key Login page and email the completed Form back to SESAMi

For any enquiries on the Supplier Registration, please contact SESAMi (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Email: , Phone: 6302 5328)

As a supplier, you will now be able to access and respond to RFI/RFQ/RFP posted by NHG and NHG’s cluster institutions.

Only suppliers who have registered with SESAMi will be given a Login ID to download our RFP documents.

Submission of bids will be done electronically via the Source Key portal supported by SESAMi.

Suppliers have to pay SGD$30 to the initiating institutions to purchase the RFP document. It is important to adhere strictly to the timeline of the RFP. Late submissions are strictly not accepted.

For other requirements specific to each RFP, please refer to Healthcare Opportunities.