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    The National Seminar on Productivity in Healthcare aims to promote a culture of productivity, and to spur its growth in the Healthcare and Community Care sector.

    The seminar consists of a series of plenary lectures and breakout sessions led by thought leaders and experts in respective fields, as well as the inaugural Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) Conference on workforce transformation. A highlight this year is the awards ceremony for the inaugural National Healthcare Innovation & Productivity (HIP) Medals, sponsored by the Ng Teng Fong Healthcare Innovation Programme and CHI.​


    Topics Covered

    Care Redesign
    Redesigning care and processes to be more patient-centered and optimise resources as we face the challenge of an ageing population. ​

    Automation, IT and Robotics Innovation

    Leveraging on technology to increase efficiency and improve productivity, to focus more on patient-centered care.

    Workforce Transformation
    Reshaping jobs and tapping on the informal workforce to augment healthcare professionals with the aim of delivering value for patients.


    Who Should Attend

    This seminar is suitable for senior to mid-level managers, and champions driving productivity improvements from local and overseas healthcare and community care organisations.

National Healthcare Innovation &
Productivity (HIP) Medals

The inaugural National Healthcare Innovation & Productivity (HIP) Medals recognises Singapore Healthcare and Community Care institutions that have demonstrated thought leadership through the implementation of outstanding and innovative productivity projects.

This year, there are three team award categories:

  • Care Redesign
  • Automation, IT and Robotics Innovation
  • Workforce Transformation

Seven medals will be awarded – two best practice medals from each award category and an overall champion medal. The overall champion medal should demonstrate a holistic approach towards innovation and productivity.

All completed entries must be submitted via email to by 1 July 2016, 1200 hours.

For more information regarding the HIP Medals such as the entry criteria, submission template, etc., download the PDF file here.

The winning entries will be announced at the National Seminar on Productivity in Healthcare 2016 on 20 October 2016.
Winners will be contacted separately by the organising secretariat.

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