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​The award caters for entry and advanced skills training in a range of clinical and non-clinical areas. CCMDA covers short courses, formal academic programmes and attachments to local or overseas healthcare and Community Care facilities. Its Visiting Expert scheme also funds the invitation of a local or overseas expert to visit your organisation for training. The expert should possess skills and knowledge that are relevant to the Community Care sector. 

To apply for CCMDA, you will need to be either (i) a staff working in the Community Care sector or (ii) a student or mid-career switcher with a strong motivation to make a difference to the lives of seniors. Applications should be made through your employer. ​​

​For those aspiring to join the sector, you must:

  • ​​Be a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Be offered a place for a relevant training programme
  • Have secured a job offer from a Community Care organisation that will sponsor your studies. The organisation is required to offer you full-time employment upon your completion of the programme/ graduation.

If you are currently working in the sector, you must:

  • ​​Be a Singaporean or Singapore PR
  • Be supported by your hiring organisation
  • Have a good performance grade in your annual performance
  • Not have completed your study programme at the point of application.​

CCMDA will fund up to 90% of your course fees and other relevant expenditure. The remaining 10% will be co-funded by your hiring organisation.  

For the Visiting Expert scheme, CCMDA will fund up to 90% of fundable expenses, with your organisation co-funding the remaining expenses.​

You will need to serve a bond with your sponsoring organisation if you are successful in your application.

For more details of the bond duration, refer to Annex B of the Funding Guide below.​

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Please submit your application through your sponsoring Community Care organisation.

For students/ mid-career switchers looking to join the sector

Interested applicants can approach your preferred Community Care organisation to seek for CCMDA funding support. You will be invited for an interview with the organisation to assess your suitability. Once successful, the Community Care organisation will submit the CCMDA application on your behalf to AIC.

For details of the funding support and award, you can click the links below:

If you have any queries, please email us at

For In-Service Staff

Interested in-service staff can approach your Human Resource Department to seek assistance in applying for the CCMDA. You will be required to undergo a panel interview if you are applying for a Masters program. Panel interviews are scheduled twice yearly in May/June and November/December.

To apply, please download and complete the relevant application form below.

Click to download:
2. CCMDA Application Forms

3. Training Report Templates

4. CCMDA Claim Forms

5. Subsistence Rates​

​If you have further queries, please contact the CCMDA Secretariat at 6632 1144 or email​