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Working with our Community Care partners, we seek to build up capabilities within the sector by being a training gateway to diverse range of training courses – from clinical care, behavioural and psychosocial health to organisational excellence courses.

​These eight LIs are:

• Alzheimer’s Disease Association
• HMI Institutes of Health Sciences
• Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital
• St Luke’s Eldercare Ltd
• St Luke’s Hospital
• The Palliative Care Centre for Excellence in Research Education
• Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and
• Tsao Foundation

​For a quick view of the course listing that AIC Learning Network is organising, click here​

If you wish to view the full training directory with the course schedules, click here to visit our Learning Management System (Community Care LMS). To access LMS for course registration, staff will need a CorpPass account issued by your organisation. For more details, please refer to the tab on Learning Management System.

​For further enquiries on AIC Learning Network, please contact us at 6603 6800 or email

LMS as a one-stop learning portal for the Community Care sector, acts as the central hub for learning activities, for browsing at course offerings and with a personalised dashboard for learners. It supports the AIC Learning Network so as to build, enable and strengthen the sector’s learning ecosystem. It brings together diverse training courses from 5 domains:

• Clinical
• Quality Improvement
• Behavioural and Psycho-social Health
• Leadership and People Management
• Governance and Organizational Excellence

With more than 270 courses’ information easily accessible, community care organisations (CCOs) are able to identify courses that are relevant, free, online, blended or classroom. LMS Administrators appointed by the CCOs can assist with accounts creation for staff/learners and course registrations in the LMS.

Access to LMS is at this link. The resources for support available are:
• Helpdesk contact: +65 3129 2592
• Hotline Support:
• FAQ document and User Guide at​.