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​The INSPIRE programme has been designed with distinctive features which include:
• Dialogues with seasoned NPO Board Chairs and Best Practice Leaders in the private and public sector
• Peer Learning and Reflections for Collective Impact
• Building Governance Partnership between CEO and Board
• Developing a viable Financial Sustainability strategy
• Executive Coaching with integrated self assessment data on Strengths, Derailers and Drivers

​INSPIRE Leadership is intended for experienced C-suite leaders. Participants will typically be Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Finance Officers and Executive Directors.

Enable C-suite level executives to:
• Develop greater awareness and appreciation of one’s leadership style in managing leadership challenges and optimising one’s potential
• Find the right balance working for, working with, and working on the Board as a stakeholder, in enabling Governance to happen
• Understand and analyse the key drivers of managing cashflow towards financial sustainability
• Strengthen effective networks with fellow leaders in the Community Care sector to spark social innovation
• Gain insights from diverse perspectives on managing talents on the board and employees

Participants will experience Action Reflection Learning as a common thread that stitches the various modules together. This practice helps one to become a better learner through reflection, testing assumptions, and asking questions by solving real world business problems. Team members equally contribute and learn/teach each other as part of a continuous learning process.


Authentic Leaders are genuine, self-actualized individuals who are aware of their strengths, limitations and emotions. Receiving feedback is a critical component of the Authentic Leadership process. Participants will have data from the Hogan personality profile (from self) and BoardSource’s NPO CEO profile (from self and Board Chair) to work with in tailoring their leadership style. You will also get insights about the process, issues and challenges of Talent Management from the Staff and Board perspectives to enrich your engagement strategies.


To become an Agile Leader in a VUCA environment is to make peace with paradox. Participants will learn about the critical success factors for a true CEOBoard Partnership in an NPO, and how to navigate the practical dilemmas of balancing operational constraints and meeting targets with governance and oversight. You will be invited to be creative and explore catalytic questions about board effectiveness and your role in shaping boards of the future in Singapore.


Ensuring sufficient financial and human resources to sustain the organisation’s healthy functioning is key to achieving its mission. Participants will learn concepts of Financial Management, Financial Accountability and Value Proposition to address the tensions of balancing cost management with delivery of value-added goods and services. You will also get insights on ways to develop a solid Giving programme for, and an active Fundraising culture with, the Board and Philanthropists.


Executive Coaching sessions (up to 4 hours) with Hogan-certified coaches with exposure to the Nonprofit sector.


As key influencers in the Community Care sector, participants will be invited to move from fragmented action and results to collective action, and deep and durable impact. The journey begins from the inside and takes it to the level of Community Change. You will be invited to invest your passion, expertise and time to build a broader Constituency for Change based on Community engagement processes that are systematic and inclusive.

Participation is strictly by invitation. Once you have accepted the invitation, you will be contacted by SMU-ExD for registration.

Course Fees
SGD10,000 (before GST)
(Prevailing course fee subsidy at 90% for Singaporean/PRs and 45% for foreign staff working in eligible community care organisations)

Download the prospectus here.

For any clarifications, please contact: 

Ms Lim Sing Yee 
 Programme Manager 
 SMU Executive Development 
 Telephone: +65 6808 5394