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​IGNITE programme is specially designed to inform and introduce the evolving Community Care sector and provides a platform for the building of networks between peers.

IGNITE is intended for new or current Managers in the Community Care sector who would like to have a better understanding of the sector.

As a participant, you will benefit from the following: 
• Obtain an overview of the Community Care sector
• Grasp the understanding of schemes to develop capability for Community Care organisations
• Raise awareness of services and schemes available for the seniors

Facts about Community Care Sector and Action Plan for Successful Ageing
Participants will gain an understanding of the following: 
1. How Singapore intends to manage the challenges of an ageing population. 
2. Strategies to make home the preferred care setting for our seniors. 
3. The Community Network for Seniors and how multiple stakeholders come together to develop this new initiative. 
4. Range of centre-based services available to the seniors and how their services help senior to integrate into the community.

Supporting Pillar for Community Care Institutions and Services for Mental health and Nursing Homes
Participants will gain an understanding of the following: 
1. Masterplan for Community Mental Health. 
2. Nursing homes operations, BOL and enhanced nursing home standards. 
3. Nursing Home IT Enablement Programme (NHELP). 
4. Manpower capabilities development and resourcing initiatives. 
5. Quality enhancements/ improvements, and initiatives. 
6. Application of grants.  

Supporting Pillar for Seniors and services for Intermediate & Palliative Care facilities
Participants will gain an understanding of the following: 
1. Collaborations between RHS and Community Care Sector. 
2. Financial support schemes available to help seniors. 
3. Community Care Referrals and Referral Management. 
4. Grants and concessions. 
5. Importance of starting advance care planning conversation and how it helps senior in managing his/her final journey.

For any clarifications, please contact: 

Mr Edgar Li
Assistant Manager, Agency for Integrated Care
Telephone: 6632 1117

Download the prospectus here.