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On behalf of the Community Care Sector, AIC would like to sincerely thank the following sponsors for their generous donations. With their donations, we were able to support our Community Care Partners better amid the COVID-19 situation.​

Note: Information accurate as of 30 June 2020.

#StrongerThanBefore supports our Community Care providers hit by a COVID-19 incident that greatly impact their operations, staff, and seniors. The intent is to help our Community Care providers defray expenses incurred due to the COVID-19 incident and strengthen their internal systems and support to reduce likelihood of a future similar occurrence.

#StrongerTogether appreciates and supports the wellbeing of Community Care staff for their contributions in the frontline to help protect and keep our seniors safe. This staff appreciation fund was offered to our Community Care partners to show appreciation for their staff through purchasing gifts or meals.

#ReadyTogether support service continuity initiatives as the COVID-19 situation has required service providers to adjust the way they work in order to continue supporting our seniors in the community.

#Stronger@Home support seniors' wellbeing and keeps them engaged in their own homes. Seniors are the direct beneficiaries of this fund.

Click here for more information on the list of funding support that Community Care sector may tap on during this COVID-19 period on AIConnect.