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Caregiver training courses ​Training courses for caregivers on techniques and tips to take care of a senior at home
Interim Caregiving Service (ICS)​Supports patients and their caregivers who are unable to provide the care support for their seniors when they return home
​Centre-Based Respite Care (CBRC)  ​Seniors can be dropped off over the weekends for caregivers to have a short break, or to run errands
Nursing Home Respite Care (NHRC) Provides temporary relief to caregivers by enabling care recipients to be cared for at a nursing home for between seven and 30 days per calendar year
​Caring Assistance from Neighbours (CAN)CAN carers look out for the well-being of the frail and vulnerable seniors, reminding them to take their medication, monitor their health, and ensure that they attend their medical appointments