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Home Nursing​Nursing care, such as wound dressing, injections and changing feeding tubes
​Home TherapyFor homebound clients who need rehabilitation to improve or maintain their Activities of Daily Living
Home Medical​Home medical services cater to frail or bedridden clients who need medical consultation and treatment
​Home Personal Care​Services such as personal care tasks, assistance with medication and more to meet a client’s needs at home
​Meal delivery for homebound clients
Medical Escort and TransportFor homebound clients who are unable to get to medical appointments/treatments independently

Centre-Based Nursing​
Basic nursing care for seniors including wound management and other services
Day Rehabilitation Centre​Customised exercise and training programmes to improve clients' functional abilities
Dementia Day Care CentreStructured day care programme for person with dementia
​Social Day Care CentreCustodial care and maintenance exercises for frail elderly who may need supervision while their families/caregivers are at work
​Hospice Day Care Centre (HDCC)Care for terminally ill elderly patients and caregivers’ support such as nursing and medical care to manage the patient’s medical condition
​Integrated Home and Day Care (IHDC) Package​A bundle home based care and centre based care together to serve needs of seniors more holistically
​AIC Facilitated Centre-based TransportDifferent modes of transport to Day Care Centres

(Community Resources and Support Engagement Teams)​
​A basic community safety network for people with dementia and depression, and caregivers who need the additional support to care for their loved ones
​COMIT (COMmunity Intervention Teams)  A team providing psycho-social therapeutic intervention for clients with mental health needs and supports their caregivers in coping with caregiving for their loved ones
ASCAT (Assessment and Shared Care Team) A team providing treatment and care to clients with mild and moderate mental health conditions 
​Dementia Home Intervention Programme ​The programme provides behavioural interventions for clients with dementia and support caregivers in better managing care for their loved ones and themselves at home
​Eldersit ServicesDesigned to provide respite for caregivers of persons with dementia while promoting cognitive stimulation of clients with dementia, the persons with dementia will be engaged by eldersitters in meaningful and therapeutic activities to maintain their cognitive function
Dementia-Friendly Communities (DFC)Aimed at building a more caring and inclusive society that can support persons with dementia
Mental Health General Practitioner PartnershipTo enable GPs in providing more holistic care to patients with chronic physical and/or mental illnesses, as referred by public hospitals
​Local Community Support Network​The support network discusses cases encountered in the neighbourhood, identifies care needs, and refers residents to appropriate services

Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) General Practitioners (GP) and Dental Clinics​Enables Singapore Citizens of all ages from lower- and middle-income households to receive subsidies for medical and dental care at participating General Practitioners (GPs) and dental clinics near their homes
Aged Care TransitION (ACTION) Project Assist in the discharge and arrangement of appropriate community services for the patient and caregiver at home, optimising the patients’ health and functional outcomes 
​Community Case Management Service (CCMS)Targeted at frail seniors with multiple health and social care needs​, CCMS identifies and support key aspects of seniors’ needs in a holistic and person-centred manner
HOlistic care for MEdically advanced patients (HOME) Programme​Provides end-of-life medical and nursing care and psychosocial support for patients and caregivers, as well as Advance Care Planning (ACP) for terminally-ill patients 
​Community Health CentresProvides health screenings and conducts health tests through a GP referral ​