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The AIC Logo comprises the wordmark “aic”, flanked by three Ripples on the right. The Ripples represent our mission to Improve access to appropriate care and support clients and their caregivers, Grow and develop Primary and Community Care sectors, and Transform the Care Community to support ageing-in-place, with the end outcome of achieving best care outcomes for our clients. The outward motion of the Ripples symbolises our efforts to reach out to the public and our stakeholders in ensuring a well-connected healthcare delivery system.

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AIC was formed as an independent corporate entity under MOH Holdings (MOHH) in 2009 to look into the enhancement and integration of the Community Care sector (formerly known as the Intermediate and Long-Term Care sector).

PRIZED Team represents the following AIC core values. Under each core value, the "I" and "We" statements guide how all AIC employees behave and make decisions in an individual and team setting respectively. They shape AIC's culture and define our identity as an organisation. Our core values are the foundation that support AIC's strategies, mission and vision to build a vibrant care community enabling people to live well and age gracefully.


I do my best every time.
We support one another to achieve the best for the team. 

I treat others how I would like to be treated. 
We value people, their dignity, time and effort. 

I seek better ways of doing things. 
We encourage new ideas and approaches, and learn together. 

I am enthusiastic about what I do. 
We motivate one another to keep our energy high. 

I listen and seek first to understand. 
We show care and consideration toward one another. 

I keep an open mind and welcome our differences. 
We weave our different strengths together to be a better team.

The "We" statements within each core values encapsulate the core value "Teamwork".