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To be eligible for TBCHF, you must be one of the below organisations and institutions:

  • Co-operatives
  • Non-Profit Organisations (Companies Limited by Guarantee, Charity Trusts and Societies) / Social Service Agencies
  • Social Enterprises which are members of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE)
  • Regional Healthcare Systems
  • Government Agencies
  • Public Healthcare Institutions
  • Grassroots Organisations
  • Private service providers that serve subsidised clients (e.g. private nursing homes on portable subsidy)

Three Key Priorities:

Care and Support
  • New care models to allow the senior to be better cared for within the community, and to focus on more client-centric care that is customised to the client’s needs
  • Support for niche groups of caregivers (e.g. senior caregivers to spouse/children with disabilities)
  • Community networks to support individual family units in their caregiving responsibilities
  • Secondary prevention (e.g. preventing/ delaying frailty)
Care Integration
  • Capability building for community providers to expand scope to provide social and health services
  • Setting up linkages and protocols between different community providers to manage clients across multiple services
Emerging Areas
  • Identify new priorities as sector evolves
To find out more about the TBCHF, please download the following documents:

Applications are accepted throughout the year and project can only commence two (2) months after approval from Evaluation Panel (EP) has been obtained.

The application closing and project commencement dates are as follows:  
​Application Closing Evaluation Panel (EP) meeting conducted in
​31 March​July
​31 July​November
​30 November​March of following year

Please email with the programme synopsis (below) and the TBCHF Secretariat will assess if the proposal is suitable for TBCHF funding.


  • What are the needs and gaps that the programme is trying to meet?
  • What is the desired value of the programme
  • Who are the targeted beneficiaries?
  • What is the funding request and duration?
  • What are the deliverables, outcome and KPIs?
  • Is the programme seeking other funding or currently funded by others?

Applications from Public Healthcare Institutions that relate to community interventions should receive support and endorsement from their Regional Health System-HQ.

Submit an electronic copy of the fully completed signed Application Form (MS Word format and PDF format), Proposed Budget Spreadsheet (MS Excel format and PDF format) and 3 years financial statements to before application closing date.

Any incomplete applications by the closing date will be considered for the subsequent grant call, unless otherwise stated.

Scanned copies of signed submissions shall be in high resolution, in color and not exceeding 3MB for each file.

​Please refer to the FAQs here for more information. If you have any queries, you may contact the TBCHF Secretariat at​.