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9 December 2018 - Open for Submissions 
The AIC IRB is now open for submissions. Applications will only be reviewed from 14 January 2019 onwards. Depending on the complexity of the proposed study, the review process may take three to four months to complete.

Applicants should factor in three to four months for the AIC IRB Review, depending on the complexity of the study application.

Applicants are reminded NOT to commence the study until an IRB approval has been awarded.

Applications are open throughout the year.  The AIC IRB only accepts applications from the community care and social service sectors.
Principal Investigators should use the document templates available for download below:

Principal Investigators are expected to submit both soft- and hard-copies of their applications.

Principal Investigators are to follow strictly the submission guidelines in the IRB Application Form.

Softcopies of completed applications and requisite supporting documents should be submitted by email to

Document Format
IRB Application Form
Word AND PDF (signed and scanned in full colour)
  • Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form (if applicable, for studies that require consent)
  • Checklist For Proposed Activity and Checklist for Institution Suitability
  • Supporting documents (if applicable):
    • Questionnaires / Survey Forms / Interview Guides
    • List of variables to be extracted from medical records database
All other supporting documents (if applicable) (e.g. CITI certificates and CVs of all PIs and Co-Is, copy of grant award letter, recruitment flyers)PDF

Hardcopies should be submitted by mail to:

Agency for Integrated Care Pte Ltd
Strategy, Research and Data Division (SRDD)
Research and Development Office (RDO)
5 Maxwell Road, #10-00, Tower Block
MND Complex, Singapore 069111
Attn: AIC IRB Secretariat

Detailed instructions can be found on the Application Form.

[This section is strictly for submissions approved by the AIC IRB]

Principal Investigators seeking to extend their IRB approval must submit a Study Status Report at least two months before the IRB approval period ends.

Principal Investigators should use the document templates available for download below:

5 – Study Status Report Form
6 – Study Amendment Form
7 – Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks to Subjects or Others (UPIRTSO) Report Form
8 – Non-Compliance Report Form

For queries, do refer to the Frequency Asked Questions prior contacting the AIC IRB Secretariat at, 6593 3858