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​Open to residential Community Care institutions run by Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs).​

Share with us the problem statement which your institution wishes to resolve.

We will work closely with your institution to set objectives and facilitate ways to  improve or resolve the problem identified. Where appropriate, resources and other relevant support will be provided to help your institution implement the project. 

For details on QI projects, email us at​.

You can email your project proposal to us at

We will work with your institution on the project proposal and timeline to:
  • Determine if the use of Lean methodologies can help you improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Evaluate the project milestones and deliverables to assess post-implementation outcomes.

We seek your understanding that response and commencement of projects will be on a first come first serve basis.​

​6S Workshop (3days)​
  • Equip nursing home staff the knowledge of 6S 
  • Equip nursing home staff the skills to plan and  apply the use of 6S in their nursing home 
​Value Stream Mapping (VSM) of nursing home referrals
  • ​​To map out the entire process of nursing home referrals 
  • Utilise LEAN methodology to assess the process and brainstorm solutions
  • Implement the changes and analyse the results
​Sustaining Good Practices of Hand Hygiene in the Nursing Home​​​
  • Utilise Quality Improvement (QI) methodology to improve and sustain hand hygien​e compliance rates in the nursing homes​

​​Multi-Dose Medication Distribution System
  • ​Measure if a multi-dose system results in reduced medication errors and/or other improvements
  • Review and improve the medication administration practices of participating nursing homes
​Continence Care in Residentia​l Community Care Facilities​
  • ​Improve continence of residents in nursing homes
  • Equip nurses with the knowledge and skills to better manage incontinence
  • Enhance the self-esteem and dignity of residents, leading to an improved quality of life
​Hand Hygiene Programme​
  • Implement a hand hygiene program according to World Health Organisation(WHO) guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare settings.
  • Enable Residential Care institutions to provide safe care through the reduction of cross-infection and cross-contamination via hand contact.
  • Equip healthcare workers and/or nurses with the knowledge and skills in hand hygiene techniques and practices so that they are bale to train and assess fellow healthcare workers
  • Implement alcohol-based hand rub point-of-care that is suitable for residential care institutions
  • Monitor hand hygiene practices by healthcare workers​
​Falls Prevention project
  • ​Reduce falls and fall-related injuries in nursing homes
  • Equip nurses with the knowledge and skills to implement intervention strategies for residents identified with higher risks of falling
​Enteral Feeding Care Processes
  • ​Provide enteral feeding care as recommended in best practices or related guidelines for the Community Care sector
  • Avoid unnecessary nasogastric (NG) tube treatment for residents and new patients admitted to the nursing homes
​Prevention of MRSA project
  • ​Define a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) transmission prevention plan that is effective, practical and appropriate 


​For enquiries, please contact us at​.