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The scheme funds up to 85% of the approved project cost. The funding is on a reimbursement basis and covers a one-time project set up cost which includes manpower, training, capital cost, retrofitting, etc. Funding for each project is capped at $300,000 and service providers will be given up to one year for project completion.

Research, prototypes, pre-commercialised products, IT systems, ongoing operating cost, consumables and GST will not qualify for funding.

AIC does not endorse any particular brand or model. Service providers are encouraged to assess the brand or model based on their needs, and to purchase the equipment in accordance with their internal procurement guidelines.

Project application is open throughout the year. Projects will be evaluated for their feasibility, scalability, sustainability, productivity and other outcomes. 

Closing date of award period
30 September
31 December
31 March
30 June

Key information to include in applications:

- At least 10% productivity improvement in terms of staff man-hour savings

- Number of clients/staff benefitting from the project

- Current and proposed changes, including number and type of staff involved

- Detailed breakdown of the project costs

- Time Motion Study and Cost Benefit Analysis

- Minimum of 3 vendor quotations

- Justification for selecting a particular model/ consultant

 To apply, please contact us for the HPF application form(s). Only completed application forms with the required details will be accepted.

Green Lane is an express application track for equipment or services with proven productivity outcomes and pre-determined purchasing parameters. Applications with requirements outside of the pre-determined parameters will be processed as a normal application. Service providers will be given up to six months for project completion.

List of items under Green Lane as at March 2019:

No. Equipment / Services
Standing Transfer Aid
2Sitting Transfer Aid

Patient Lifter

(with option for attached weighing scale)

4Electronic Pill Crusher
5Mechanised Shower Trolley
6Hand-held Scrubber
7Ride-on Scrubber
8Ride-on Sweeper

Vital Signs Monitoring System

(with integration to existing clinical IT system)

10Ceiling Hoist for Rehabilitation

Therapeutic Robot

(for management for dementia clients)

12Macerator (for bedpans)
13Bladder Scanner
14Combi Oven
Industrial Food Processor
Pneumatic Rehabilitation System
Set up for Centralised Medication Packing Service
Chef Partnership Programme

To apply, please contact us for the HPF Green Lane application form(s). Only completed application forms with the required details will be accepted.

​To apply or if you have further enquiries, please contact us at 6603 6800 or email​. ​