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Dr Gerard Ee
AIC Board
Dr Ang Seng Bin
Head & Senior Consultant, Menopause Unit
Senior Consultant, Dermatology Service
​KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital​​
A/Prof Chin Jing Jih 
Medical Board
Tan Tock Seng Hospital ​& Central Health

​Mr Fong Heng Boo
Board Member
​Ms Theresa Goh
Managing Partner
ThreeSixty Partnership ​
​Mr Jeyaraj Indra Raj
Harold Seet & Indra Raj ​

​Dr Benjamin Koh
Deputy Secretary (Development)
Ministry of Health​

​Mr Kong Eng Huat
Board Member

​Dr Lee Tung Jean
Deputy Secretary
Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
Mr William Liu
Chairman and Managing Partner
Stream Global Pte Ltd ​

Mr Daniel Soh
Board Member ​

​Ms Teoh Zsin Woon
Deputy Secretary (Transformation)
Public Service Division

Mdm Zuraidah Binte Abdullah
Domain Commander
Integrated Checkpoints Command (Air)
Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

Chief Executive Officer
Tan Kwang Cheak

Group Chiefs
Chern Siang Jye, Grant Management Office, Regional Engagement and Integration Division, Research & Development Office
Dr Kok Mun Foong, Home First Group
Yip Hon Weng, Silver Generation Division

Home First Group
Headed by Dr Kok Mun Foong
Group Chief, Home First Group 

The Home First Group comprises the Home & Community Care Division, Primary Care Division and the Senior Support & Carer Services Development Division. This Group synergises efforts in ensuring the availability of Community Care options,  advocating planned life-changing decisions, and supporting clients and caregivers to age well at home and in the community.  
Home & Community Care Division
Headed by Dr Kok Mun Foong
Chief, Home & Community Care Division, Home First Group

The Home and Community Care Division synergises developments in community-based and home care services, including spearheading new models of care and services. It also develops palliative care services in the Community to support our clients to live well till the end. 
Primary Care Division
Headed by Dr Kok Mun Foong
Chief, Primary Care Division, Home First Group

The Primary Care Division plans and implements primary healthcare initiatives in the Community Care sector. It engages the private General Practitioners to participate in various national initiatives to provide holistic care for seniors in the community, near their homes. 
Senior Support & Carer Services Development Division
Headed by Kelvin Lim
Chief, Senior Support & Carer Services Development Division, Home First Group  

The Senior Support & Carer Services Development Division oversees the planning and development of support services for seniors and their caregivers, that enable seniors to age in the community. SCD also administers financial assistance schemes to help families defray the cost of caring for their frail seniors at home.
Silver Generation Office
Headed by Yip Hon Weng
Chief, Silver Generation Division  

The Silver Generation Office actively reaches out to all Singaporean seniors to share with them government schemes (e.g. Pioneer Generation Package, Merdeka Generation Package, MediShield Life, and eldercare schemes), active ageing activities, and healthcare services under the Community Networks for Seniors. It was formerly known as the Pioneer Generation Office and merged with AIC in April 2018. 
Care Transition Division
Headed by Dr Wong Loong Mun
Principal Consultant and Chief, Care Transition Officer 

The Care Transition Division manages all client referrals to the appropriate eldercare services and works with partners to ensure a smooth and seamless transition of care for clients. The division also administers funding schemes supporting care transitions. 
Community Mental Health Division
Headed by Dr Tan Weng Mooi
Chief, Community Mental Health Division  

The Community Mental Health Division works with partners to strengthen and build up the range of community mental health support mechanisms and services to enable person-centred integrated care to be delivered in the community and provide support for clients and their family members. 
Corporate Services Division
Headed by Ong Yunn Shing
Chief, Corporate Services Division   

The Corporate Services Division supports AIC and divisions to achieve their desired outcomes, objectives and goals. The division comprises Corporate and Marketing Communications, Corporate Development, and Office Administration.
Engagement & Culture Office
Headed by Tan Kwang Cheak
Chief Executive Officer

The Engagement & Culture Office (ECO) engages our employees to build a Caring, Collaborative & Cohesive Culture as One AIC Family. ECO manages change efforts to achieve the AIC Vision and Mission, anchored on our Values. ECO also drives organisational excellence through identifying opportunities for organisation-wide improvement and capability-building.
Finance Division
Headed by Carol Choi
Deputy Chief, Finance Division

The Corporate Finance Office aims to add value across AIC. The division works with AIC and divisions to ensure financial prudence and governance in AIC, equip divisions with the capability to adhere to AIC procurement principles, and enable divisions to access financial information to make informed decisions.
Grant Management Office
Headed by Chern Siang Jye
Chief, Grant Management Office 

The Grant Management Office administers the Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund and Community Silver Trust which support the Community Care sector. It oversees and implements AIC's policies and processes for grant management and disbursements.  
Human Resource Division
Headed by Hagen Ong 
Deputy Chief, Human Resource Division 

The Human Resource Division seeks to position AIC as an employer of choice with progressive People Excellence practices and programmes. The Division supports AIC in its rewards and recognition policies, plays the role of business partner for Divisions, and partners AIC employees in talent and career development so that AIC can build up a future-ready workforce. 
Information Technology Division
Headed by Soh Keng Taan 
Chief Information Officer 

The Information Technology Division enables AIC and its primary care and Community Care partners to use the efficiency and analytical capabilities of Information Technology to achieve their strategic goals and to operate as effectively as possible. 
IT Enablement Office
Headed by Ong Yunn Shing
Chief, IT Enablement Office 

The IT Enablement Office manages the development and implementation of IT systems in the Community Care sector. It enables nursing homes, home and centre-based service partners to adopt IT to enhance their operational effectiveness, contributing to better care for clients.  
Manpower Development & Resourcing Division
Headed by Derek Tan
Deputy Chief , Manpower Development & Resourcing Division

The Manpower Development & Resourcing Division aims to develop a pipeline of workforce and build a stronger local core to support the growth of the Community Care sector. The division aims to raise the competency level of the workforce with career development opportunities and training pathways through scholarships, awards, professional and traineeship programmes.  
Quality & Productivity Division
Headed by Heidi Rafman
Chief, Quality & Productivity Division

The Quality & Productivity Division drives efforts to improve and uphold the quality of care and to promote a culture of continuous quality and productivity improvement in the Community Care sector. The Division builds sectoral capability in Quality Improvement and advances the quality of Community Care through partnering care providers in various initiatives e.g. process improvement and re-design for productivity, service quality, psychosocial wellness, meeting enhanced quality standards, and benchmarking for improvement. We also support the sector in emergency preparedness, shared procurement and the administration of the Healthcare Productivity Fund.   
Principal Consultant Office
Headed by Dr Wong Loong Mun
Principal Consultant

The Principal Consultant Office supports initiatives to provide coordinated systems of care and develop new care models. These initiatives involve multi-faceted collaborations within the organisation, across ministries and agencies within the Government, hospitals, Voluntary Welfare Organisations, Grassroots Organisations and community partners. 
Regional Engagement & Integration Division
Headed by Chern Siang Jye
Chief, Regional Engagement & Integration Division 

The Regional Engagement and Integration Division plays a critical role in AIC’s outreach and engagement efforts with providers.  It provides holistic support to the development of the six Regional Health Systems, connecting care services within the different regions of Singapore to better integrate care for clients. 
Research & Development Office
Headed by Chern Siang Jye
Chief, Research & Development Office

The Research & Development Office supports AIC and the Community Care sector in the areas of health services and applied research, and capability building in programme evaluation.
Residential Care Office
Headed by Ong Yunn Shing
Chief, Residential Care Office 

The Residential Care Office works with Community Care partners to ensure operational readiness of new residential facilities. It also drives AIC's efforts in exploring new models of residential care in the Community Care sector.